OpenSHMEM Specification 1.1 Available For Comments

A new version of the OpenSMHEM specification is available for download. Version 1.1 addresses issues in, and offers clarifications for, OpenSMHEM specification 1.0.

You can download it here.

OpenSHMEM Workshop

Event Date: 
Tue, 2014/03/04 - 6:00am - Thu, 2014/03/06 - 6:00am

The OpenSHMEM workshop will be in Annapolis, MD

UCCS: Universal Common Communication Substrate

UCCS: Universal Common Communication Substrate is a low-level communication substrate that exposes high-performance communication primitives, while providing network interoperability. It is intended to support multiple upper layer protocols (ULPs) or programming models including SHMEM, UPC, Titanium, Co-Array Fortran, Global Arrays, MPI, GASNet, and File I/O.

SC13 OpenSHMEM Birds of a Feather (BOF)

The BOF took place in rooms 201/203 on Wednesday November 20 2013 from 5:30 - 7:00pm. The agenda:

  1. Update on Programming Environment for OpenSHMEM
  2. Roadmap for OpenSHMEM, plans for 1.1, 1.5 and 2.0
    • Building a community for OpenSHMEM
    • Ticket systems for 1.1 specification
  3. OpenSHMEM reference implementation / Integration with UCCS
  4. Supporting Technologies / Tools update each: (1-2) slides
    • UCCS
    • The OpenSHMEM Analyzer
    • TAU
    • Allinea
    • Vampir/Vampir Trace
    • Power Analysis with VampirTrace
  5. The OpenSHMEM Workshop announcement

OpenSHMEM at SuperComputing 2013 Event Schedule Nov. 19 - 20

To see a full list of events please see:

OpenSHMEM 1.0e Reference Library Available for Download

A new maintenance release of the reference implementation, OpenSHMEM 1.0e, is now available for download.

PGAS 2013 Conference in Edinburgh, UK

7th international conference on Partitioned Global Address Space Programming Models

New OpenSHMEM Group at

Visit and join our new LinkedIn group

Building power outage 12/05 and 12/06 at U of H

The building housing this web server will lose power briefly between 5am and 6am on 12/05 and 12/06 (Wed and Thu). We will bring the server down just before the work starts to make sure it is cleanly shutdown.

SC'12 OpensHMEM Birds of a Feather: presentation material

Slides from presentations at the BOF will be available here shortly.

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